Our marriage was in shambles. My husband and I were separated. I didn't see any hope for restoration. Lori helped me to see my husband through God's eyes. This was something no other counselor had been able to do. And believe me; we had been to many different Christian counselors and Pastors. She helped us to start becoming the people God wants us to be. Lori helped us to see each other as God sees us. We took small steps forward and would fall back to old patterns. We felt like a toddler learning to walk. When we fell down, Lori would help us back to our feet, dust us off and steady us for our next step. It wasn't long before we could get ourselves back up and we were implementing the concepts of love and respect in our marriage on a daily basis. Obviously, all credit doesn't go to Lori, God did his part and we continue to do ours, but Lori played an instrumental role in helping us to understand the reasons behind our behavior so that we could change it. Without Lori walking beside us, we wouldn't have been able to experience freedom in Christ and hope of the life Jesus has planned for us.


God Is Working Here - should be the sign hanging on Lori's front door. When I felt hopeless, her ministering with a biblical approach focused me on who and what God wants for me. That gave me hope and put God in my center of my life. With God in the center of my life, everything changed. Having God in the center causes your life direction to change. In simple terms, I came to broken, dysfunctional, and hopeless and God used Life Changers and Lori to make me whole, open to change and full of hope.


(Mike and Helen’s phone #’s are available upon request)

I have dealt with Lori on many different levels, from seeking her counsel for personnel issues to working with her on projects for the ministries here at church. She has been nothing but a blessing & always willing to be honest & caring. I am thankful to work with her.

Peter M, Tech. Director/ Video Producer

Lori is very knowledgeable and very compassionate about all those she works with. Lori is easy to get a hold of and works hard to fit those who need to talk into her very busy schedule as quickly as possible. Lori is incredibly insightful and is not caught off guard with what you confide in her. She is the safest person to talk to that I have ever met. She holds confidentiality in the highest regard

Kristen, Waukee, Iowa

It is obvious that Lori cares about people. She has a gift of connecting with others on a level where trust and acceptance become tangible qualities. If you are prepared to be real with someone and find true freedom give Lori a call.

Peter E, Des Moines, Iowa

I am 55 years old and had lived in fear and distrust my entire life. With Lori's gentleness and guidance God spoke truths to me. Today I am released from those childhood lies.

Marcia F, West Des Moines, Iowa

Lori Hommer has been a huge blessing in my life. As my counselor, I know I can depend o her to be there for me when I need her. She has helped me overcome numerous struggles in my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is in need of someone to listen and anyone that is in need of Christian guidance.

Amy D, Urbandale, Iowa