Are You Going into Overtime?

Are You Going into Overtime?

This has been an “overtime” weekend in the sports world at my house at least..  We witnessed the first overtime in Super Bowl history,  yesterday.  On Saturday, my local favorite college men’s basketball team, rallied from a 15 point deficit to beat the number 3 rated team in the country on it’s own turf.  Sweet overtime victory!

Overtimes involve many elements.  It means summoning a second wind after you are already exhausted; renewing your resolve to overcome; facing adversity and stress in order to see the challenge through, and hopefully reaping the rewards that gong the extra mile can bring.

So it got me to thinking about overtimes in our day to day lives. Some of you may be feeling that everyday is an “overtime” performance. If you have a family, jobs, church, sports, hobbies then you are probably experienced the exhaustion of our daily lives.

However I think there are times we are called to go beyond the daily strain of life. Are we willing to go the extra mile when God may be calling us to something over and above our daily routine?  Are we willing to go into overtime with that “difficult” person in our lives? Or how about taking on a child or family in need?  Maybe you have felt the tug on getting more involved with in your community, school, church or other group. Are you listening to God’s call on your life to push through your fears, comfort zone or the inconvenience in your schedule?

I am not condoning over-busyness that can cause even more stress in your life, but can you sacrifice some TV time, some social media time, some game time, some sports time in order to go into “overtime” in order to make the world a better place?

I truly believe that until you have had the fulfillment of serving others in a sacrificial way you will never experience the true fullness of the life God has called you to.  You will never live out your full destiny and you will never find peace and contentment in this life.

So your challenge for 2017 is to be willing to go into overtime for the calling on your life.  Push through your excuses and run the race well!   You will never regret it!!

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