Fog, Vog, and GPS


Lori HommerA couple years ago we were vacationing on the Big Island of Hawaii with two of our best friend couples.

We always stay on the west or dry side of the island where it’s sunny and warm and good for snorkeling and soaking up the sun. But this particular day, we decided to take a day trip over to the east side of the island which is the rainy side, more lush and tropical and filled with beautiful waterfalls and scenery.


Also the east side allows you entrance to one of the world’s most beautiful and active volcano craters.

If you’ve ever visited any of the Hawaiian Islands you may know that it’s very easy to find your way around because there is typically just one main road that encircles the entire island. However on the Big Island they have cut a road through the middle of the island to make getting from the east to the west side a little speedier.

As you look at a map this road looks like the **most logical option** as it cut miles off of the drive back to our resort. However, no one made us aware of some other potential issues of taking the infamous Saddleback Road.

The first obstacle we encountered was road work (no you can’t escape it, even in paradise). The paved road that seemed good at the beginning suddenly turned to a washboard surface that was less than pleasant especially for those of us riding in the back seat of our minivan.

Secondly, and even more disconcerting was that in the late afternoon the VOG (volcanic fog) comes rolling in over the island. Saddleback Road travels up between two volcanic mountains where the vog is the thickest. So here we were traveling down a two lane road we had never been on before and we could not see more than a few feet ahead of us. There was very little other traffic to give us the confidence that we were proceeding safely.

Big Island Vog

Suddenly our best laid plans seemed dubious at best and downright dangerous in the worst case scenario.

We inched along at 20-30 mph and what should have been a shortcut became a long, stressful and semi-treacherous journey. We forgot about the beauty of the day and even the fact we were vacationing in paradise and all of our focus turned to staring into the impenetrable VOG!

Sometimes our life circumstances are like driving in the fog.

We set out on a path that seems logical and right but somehow life’s obstacles catch us by surprise. We can get stuck and even paralyzed by the unexpected bumps, and sense of loss or pain that life throws our way. And just like driving through the fog we can’t see our way out.

We can’t see the beauty that is waiting for us once we cut through the fog. We forget about what is good and right in our lives and focus only on our present situation. We can become consumed with the heaviness that we experience in these times. It can weigh us down and seem impossible to navigate through.

GPS was a terrific invention. Even if you can’t see your way out, the GPS tells you that you are making progress; you’re almost there and then-you’ve arrived at your destination!

Christian Counseling is like a spiritual GPS. It can help you see your way out. It gives you the tools and the confidence to know how to navigate a new course. I love to be that kind spiritual guidance system in my clients’ lives.

We need to remember that there is a hope that will eventually cut through the foggiest ordeals. Godly wisdom can bring help to our circumstances and will light our path even in our most treacherous journeys. God promises to never leave us forsake us even in our darkest (and foggiest) hours.

Don’t let the temporary fog blur the beauty
of the life God has for you.

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